Friday, March 16, 2012

Searching for the worlds most rarest & valuable stamps!!

There are a lot of collectible items in this world, but nothing like collecting and item that may be worth a lot in a couple of years down the line, or maybe by the time you retire.
American Philatelic Foundation 
Lets say that you found yourself in possession of a stamp that is worth millions of dollars. But it was considered stolen property by the US government, would you give it up that easily? That is the case for around 140 stamps that are circulating around the world and have been sold countless of times. This stamp is called the "Nixon Inverted", it was an error made by  Banknote Corporation of America where it was made inverted and off centered. A person working for the Banknote Corporation of America stole a sheet containing 140 or so of these stamps, he later sold 120 stamps to a stamps dealer in New York City for around $60,000. The rest of the stamps where sold at wholesale and then resold at auctions. One of those auctions was a well known auction firm called Christine's.

Once the government found out about the stamps a year later, it was really too late to be able to do anything, although they have issued statements saying that these stamps are stolen property and must be returned to them has done little or nothing by who ever bought the stamps.  As some where returned to the US Government many are still with private collectors that cannot openly display the, or sell them.

The stamps are now said to be worth around$10,000 - $15,000 dollars, the Value may increase because of how rare an error like this is seen, as well as how they are considered stolen property and therefore taboo to sell or display.

If you have collected stamps or own some and would like to get the appraise, please visit American Philatelic Foundation